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The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the largest University in Greece.
It consists of 7 Schools with more than 80.000 students and over 2.000 educational and research personnel.
The Department of Chemistry (PB2) being part of the School of Natural Sciences, supports undergraduate, masters and PhD educational programs and conducts basic and applied research in all dominant fields of chemistry and chemical technology.

The field of biomass valorization within the broader concept of Green Chemistry and Sustainability has been developed systematically over the last decade. The Department of Chemistry:
– Possesses advanced infrastructure and scientific expertise enabling it to conduct high level basic and technological research as well as specialized measurements and industrial contracts on biomass and compost products.
– Employs outstanding faculty members and new researchers, offering high quality teaching and training courses.
– Carries out projects with the aim to raise environmental awareness, improve the quality of life and ensure the sustainability of resources in Greece

Role of AUTh in the project

  • Develop the social economy networking report and development of the social
    cooperation enterprise manual
  • S.W.O.T analysis report stating the high level of situation awareness in all critical issues concerning the existing potential on bio-waste manipulation
  • Education services, which include smart education methods, in composting
    methodologies and biomass management
  • Support Municipalities of Serres and Nestos in optimization of compost systems
  • Development of protocols for the analysis of raw waste biomass and produced