Dear friends,
We welcome you to the website of the Municipality of Serres.
Listening to modern requirements, we give special importance to the renewal of our Municipality's website, in order to be a channel of communication with the citizen, a suitable means for essential and timely information, but also a useful search and information tool for the structures and actions of the entities active in the Municipality of Serres.
At the same time, the website aims at the tourist promotion of our place, as it provides the necessary information about the culture, the natural environment and the points of tourist interest, which will be the first trigger for the potential visitors of our region.
Finally, we hope that, through our website, its visitors will have a clear and comprehensive picture of the political, social, economic and cultural development of the region and will soon plan to visit us up close in the Municipality of Serres, the region where everyone deserves to live .

Mitliagka Varvara

Mayor of Serres